About Us

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Vita Fertility Clinic, spread over 2 storeys and located in the heart of Mumbai, is both modern and spacious. We house our monitoring, procedures rooms and embryology laboratories all under one roof, enabling us to provide you with continuous, convenient care.Since fertility involves various factors, each of which may require detailed evaluation, teamwork is extremely crucial. Vita Fertility Clinic aims at bringing together specialists in the various aspects of fertility to offer a complete comprehension of the problem before offering a solution to couples.

Success Rate @ VITA

Success rates of our Assisted Reproduction Team vary from 50 to 70% depending on the age of the genetic mother. We also pride ourselves in our success with cryopreserved (frozen) embryos.With the help of a newer method of freezing, Vitrification, our thaw cycle pregnancy rates have escalated from 28 to 45%.

The aim at Vita Fertility Clinic is excellence, and the only way to achieve it in this field is by customising treatment. Our goal is to listen before thoroughly evaluating and only then, meticulously treat. We believe that each couple / individual requires custom made tests and treatment, keeping in mind their medical, psycholological and social background.


Why Us ?

  • An efficient team of specialized world class doctors
  • Top Class Laboratory : The heart of IVF program is the laboratory. Our IVF labs are world class.
  • We offer the most advanced methods and technology available in the field
  • Cutting Edge reproductive technology manged by renowned Specialist Doctors and trained technicians.
  • Full range of choice of Assisted Reproductive Procedures.
  • Patient Friendly approch.